Bill aimed at preventing and sanctioning greenwashing is submitted.

On May 31st, 2022, Bulletin No. 15044-12 was submitted to the Lower Chamber, as a congressional proposal for a bill to prevent and penalize greenwashing.

The bill aims to prevent, define, and specify the concept of “greenwashing,” and to regulate a permanent platform of environmental information for companies, to supply more tools for inspection and supervision, as well as sanctioning, in the event of non-compliance.


This bill requires companies publicizing sustainability to provide complete, truthful, comprehensible, and accurate information. Any practices that are publicized as sustainable must be conducted in compliance with legal and statutory provisions.

Pursuant to the bill, “publicizing sustainability” is communicating responsible and sustainable practices in the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of companies, their brands, products, and services. To these ends, the bill commissions the Ministry for the Environment to elaborate, within the 12 months following the publication of the law, the regulations that detail the concepts, adjectives, indicators, standards, and certifications regarding companies publicizing sustainability.

Processing status

The bill is currently in its first constitutional stage before the Lower Chamber.